Who were the victims of the Nepalese air crash

Who were the victims of the Nepalese air crash

Who were the victims of the Nepalese air crash

The Nepal plane crash, the nation’s biggest flying disaster in three decades, is thought to have killed 72 people.

According to officials, 53 of the passengers were from Nepal, along with five from India, four from Russia, and two from Korea. One passenger each from the UK, Australia, Argentina, and France is said to have been among the additional

Myron Love, a 29-year-old Sydney teacher, was one of those killed, according to Australian officials.

Friends of the enthusiastic surfer and biker have described him as a “really lovely, happy, vibrant man,” with one saying to local media that he had “never met a more honest bloke in my life.”

His family claimed that Myron had been their rock in a statement.

He has accomplished more in his brief life than most of us could accomplish in our lifetimes.

a soldier from South Korea and his son
The Yoo father, 45, was a sergeant in the South Korean military. He went on vacation with his 14-year-old son, who was off from school for the winter.

On January 14, the two departed South Korea in preparation for a Himalayan hiking excursion. On the day of the incident, they had been contacting their families, but they stopped communicating with them after the flight’s scheduled arrival time, according to South Korean media.

They claimed to have flown that day from India to Nepal when they told their families. According to rumours, they had destinations in Nepal on their itinerary.

The four males, who were all estimated to be in their 20s or early 30s, were from the Uttar Pradesh state of India’s Ghazipur. They were one of five Indian passengers.

Residents of Ghazipur claimed that on January 13, they travelled to Nepal in order to see the Pashupatinath temple a.

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