Itaewon crowd crush fuels feelings

The official response to the Itaewon crowd crush fuels feelings of unfairness and suspicion

The official response to the Itaewon crowd crush fuels feelings of unfairness and suspicion

The exact state of Lee Joo-bedroom young’s on the night she departed and didn’t return on October 29 has been preserved.

Her father Jung-min smiles and explains, “She was a fascinating girl.

“She had her own firm, therefore she was undoubtedly a leader. She controlled both my wife and her brother in addition to me.”

Joo-young, who would have been 30 this September, was engaged. She had really just purchased her wedding gown when she made the impulsive decision to spend Halloween night out with her fiance in Itaewon in Seoul, the capital of South Korea.

That evening, a crush caused by extreme congestion in the neighborhood narrow streets would claim the lives of 159 individuals,

Now, Mr. Lee and the other families who have lost loved ones in Seoul want justice to be done. He has been serving as vice-chair of the Association of Families of Itaewon Disaster Victims for the past month.

However, their desires and what is being provided to them are quite dissimilar.

The crush may have been prevented, according to the results of a long-awaited police inquiry. It was a “man-made tragedy” due to inadequate planning, nonexistent crowd management, and a subpar emergency response.

Now facing prison time for “death by professional negligence” are 23 officials. Separately, two police officers were detained in November on suspicion of having directed the removal of an internal study that raised issues with safety around Halloween.

However, the majority of those charged are local council members and police personnel who work in the

We never had confidence in the Special Police Division to thoroughly investigate the Itaewon disaster. Since the outset, we have maintained that family cannot look into family “Lee Jong-chul, the group’s chairman, maintains thus.

For instance, no one was questioned in the interior ministry.

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