Peggy the Pug attempts to win the title

Peggy the Pug attempts to win the title of UK ugliest dog in East Yorkshire.

Peggy the Pug attempts to win the title of UK ugliest dog in East Yorkshire.

The owner of a dog competing for the unfortunate honour of being the ugliest

Since being adopted four years ago, she has resided with her owners in East Yorkshire.
Peggy was adopted by Mrs. Middleton, 36, when she was just six months old. She described her as follows: “Her tongue hangs out, and she has hair on her feet, head, and feet.

It has always been that way, but it doesn’t stop her from doing anything; she is still able to eat and drink, but it doesn’t remain in her mouth.

Holly Middleton, Peggy’s owner, compared her pet to marmite.
We didn’t specifically go seeking for a quirky puppy when we were looking for a dog because we knew we wanted something little and adaptable, she said.

When I saw her on the adoption website, I knew I wanted to take care of her because.

Seven dogs are competing, including Peggy.
“Sometimes I forget that she doesn’t seem like a normal dog,” the woman continued, “and then we’re walking down the street and you can hear people whispering and saying, ‘Oh wow, look at that!’

At first, my oldest was a little embarrassed of her because all of his buddies had cute dogs like cockapoos.

Mrs. Middleton claimed she had become accustomed to Peggy’s appearance.
The competition is being held by the photography printing company Parrot Print, and Peggy is one of seven dogs competing. The winner will receive a grooming appointment and a picture shoot.

The founder of Parrot Print, Matt Dahan, stated: We received hundreds of entries, but these seven were the ones that pained our eyes to look at.

Roger (l) and Marnie are two of the seven dogs who have been selected for the competition’s short list.
Other candidates include Marnie


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