Epic farewell posts from fired workers

Epic farewell posts from fired workers

Epic farewell posts from fired workers

Workers are using social media to say their final goodbyes and to praise the corporations that have just let them go after widespread layoffs. Why?
Singh’s position was eliminated in late 2022 as part of a wave of extensive Big Tech layoffs.

The software developer from New York says, “I despised how my employer handled it. “They got accolades for offering sizable severance compensation, but the way people were let go was really harsh. Additionally, the messaging was terrible: despite the fact that strong performers were also laid go and that the layoffs had been publicised previously.

Singh’s frustrations were made worse by his perception that his position

Singh followed suit as his coworkers started to write on LinkedIn about being laid off. The tone of his brief message was cheerful and charitable, despite his distress over losing his job and the fear that he might have to leave the country as a result. Although his voyage was cut short, he stated that his former job provided

Singh received encouraging comments on his LinkedIn post from former coworkers who were also publishing similar glowing messages

Following an initial round of layoffs at the start of the epidemic, several businesses hurried to hire new employees

In the midst of these layoffs, employees like Singh have joined a trend: dramatic farewell LinkedIn posts. In these communications, departing employees express gratitude to their former employer and coworkers for the opportunity and frequently lay blame for their choice on outside factors.

A portion of these posts are from employees who honestly believe

She claims that despite her sincerity, she felt under pressure to submit the piece right away even though

No matter what an employee’s genuine feelings are, it’s a smart move, Grace Lordan, an associate professor of behavioural science.


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