Census in India Perplexing data gaps are harming Indians

Census in India Perplexing data gaps are harming Indians

Census in India Perplexing data gaps are harming Indians

More than 250 million people participated in British India’s first coordinated census in 1881, answering a series of occasionally complex questions from hundreds of enumerators.

After gaining its independence, India continued to conduct a census every ten years. During this time, the country’s households were visited by hundreds of thousands

It’s an ambitious project that yields a wealth of vital information for managers, decision-makers, economists, demographers,

The census is more than just a count of the population of a nation. It offers priceless information required to make micro-decisions. says Professor KP Kannan, a development economist with significant experience studying inequality and poverty.

India’s census is carried out in accordance with the terms of the Census.

The positive and bad news regarding India’s census
However, the Narendra Modi administration informed parliament in December that “the Census 2021 and the related field activities.

An immediate effect of this delay, according to economist Dipa Sinha, a professor.

Ms. Sinha cites research by economists Jean Dreze, Reetika Khera, and Meghana Mungikar that estimates that more than 100 million individuals are excluded from the PDS because the government still uses demographic data from the 2011 census to determine who is eligible for help.

They calculated the figure using demographic projections from the home ministry and state-released data on birth and death rates.

More people may have missed out on social programmes in larger states like Uttar Pradesh, Ms. Sinha claims.

Even without the epidemic or the postponement, the 2021 census was always going to be contentious.

Along with the census, the government had promised to conduct a demographic survey to update the National Population Register (NPR). However, detractors said that the NPR would serve as a list from which “doubtful people” would be required to substantiate their Indian citizenship. The comment was made in light.


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